Download the App and order a payment card to your child

PCKT a payment card for children and young people

PCKT as “PCKT” is a bank independent payment card and mobile app for children and young people.

  • Easy and safe way to start to use own money
  • Child’s own card that is accepted nearly everywhere
  • Parent can move money to child’s card from parent’s mobile app
  • Child can learn to save money with PCKT Go app*

*) Child’s payment card works also without PCKT Go app


“Really great and interesting App! I especially like the tasks and goals that can be set to the child”


“Kudos for this! This is something that we have been waiting for”


“Exact the service that we have been looking for”


“Awesome service, I wish I had this long ago!”


PCKT’s three “pockets” teach respectable money usage

PCKT’s speciality is its three parts; Usage pocket, Savings pocket and Investment pockets. These pockets are designed to help parents to educate their children to use money wisely.

Usage pocket

Money in this  pocket is meant for every day purchases. App shows how much money have been given to child, where the money have been spent to and how much money is left. Parent gets notification after each purchase.

Savings Pocket

This pocket is for child’s saving goals. Child can create own saving goals and transfer money from usage pocket. With repetition saving becomes a habit.

Investment pocket

This pocket aims for the future, but it’s also wise to understand the meaning of investments when You are a child. All the funds transferred from usage pocket to investment pocket are transferred to the bank account of parent’s choice. With repetition investing becomes a habit.

To respectable money usage

Starting to use PCKT is easy:

1) Download a free PCKT app from Google Play or App Store

2) Sign in with your bank credentials (Finnish TUPAS) and order a payment card to your child. If You want, You can use your custom image printed on card.

3) After receiving the card (delivery time approx. 1 week) please activate the card from PCKT App

4) You can also install PCKT Go -app to your child’s phone (however child can use the payment card without the app)

5) Activate weekly allowance or transfer funds manually from your PCKT app. Let the journey to child money education to begin.


Card order

Basic card (PCKT logo): 5 €

Premium card (own photo): 10 €

Montly fees

3 € / card

No other expenses. You can end the contract any time You want.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please check frequently asked questions and answers here.

Download parent’s PCKT App

Download child’s PCKT Go App

Why understanding the value of money is important

Jaakko Rytsölä is known as a man who bought a Lamborghini and lost it. In Finland there are 

nearly 400.000 people with bad credit. We can help the situation by raising the next generation of respectable money spenders.

PCKT Money Pls is registered company under the supervision of FIVA (Finnish Financial Authority)